If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now

We cannot be more excited to announce that we have added a new vehicle to the fleet, The Unimog!  This 1978 Mercedes Benz LA911B Doka has now become the second vehicle that will be added to our caravan from pole to pole.  We are very excited not just because it’s super cool, but because its been through many of the places we are going to be going.  The previous owners have created so many beautiful memories and stories with this rig and specifically wanted it to go to a good home; according to them it was us.  We are flattered to be considered such a worthy recipient of this incredible vehicle and we cannot wait to call it home once we get on the road.  Thank you The Buddy Expedition, we promise to do it justice.

The Mog

Roll Away From Home!


Helllooo World


(Photos Courtesy of The Buddy Expedition Via Expedition Portal)

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