The Story

“Expedition Unplugged” is an electrically charged adventure, taking 4 riders on custom-built electric motorcycles to the edge and beyond in search of where people find their passion.

What do you do to energize your life? In this series, three men and one woman will take on a never before attempted adventure to find the outlets people use to unplug from their ordinary lives and inspire passion. They will leave Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and travel all the way south through North and South America to arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina 7 months, 25,000 miles, and 19 countries later. They will travel on custom-built electric motorcycles in an attempt to discover where people among many cultures and geographical locations find their spark: to see what they love about where they live.

The colorful cast will face unique challenges and work through the highs and inevitable lows as they put themselves and their purely electric powered machines to the ultimate test of endurance and discovery, but once they get to unplug they will be ready for anything as they share their narrative with the world.

As the journey takes the viewers through some of the world’s most exciting, beautiful, and dangerous locations, the cast will meet the local people and ask them to demonstrate what makes them happy. What is it about this place that drives you? How do you let go of the day-to-day routine and really live? If it is a person, place, activity, or a thing, the viewer will experience the passion and wonder of the local cultures through the eyes of the 4 riders as they share their narrative with the world with one driving question: How do you unplug?

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